Award-winning Hong Kong actress, singer and songwriter in the 1970s who started her career with PolyGram in 1974. A famous icon in the Asian Chinese entertainment world, she won Taiwan’s Golden Horse Award for Best Actress in 1976 and represented Hong Kong as Best Composer in a music festival in Japan. Married Tan Sri William Cheng, Chairman of Lion Group of Companies in 1981.

Appointed to the Board of Trustees of Lion-Parkson Foundation upon its inception in 1985 and appointed Chairman of the Board in 2008, she is actively involved in charity work notably in supporting education and students’ welfare, and the construction of a home for handicapped and mentally disabled children in Banting, Selangor that was opened in 2012. The home is being expanded to accommodate more children and include an old folks home.

Founder of Xian’s Place in Kuala Lumpur and Co-Founder of Beijing’s Tsinghua University’s Calligraphy and Cultural Research Center, both with the objective to promote Chinese calligraphy and culture.

Puan Sri Chelsia is also the Chairperson of the Women Committee in the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor since 2009 to undertake community work. This Committee has recently been renamed as Women Entrepreneurs Committee to encourage greater entrepreneurship amongst the lady members.

Puan Sri came out with a book “My Cause.My Music” in 2017 which is a compilation of her articles that were published in two newspapers, in Malaysia and in Korea featuring her calligraphy and Chinese brush paintings that she had done for sale in Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong to raise funds for charity.

A cancer survivor who was diagnosed and treated in 2016, she is helping to raise cancer awareness through her talks and sharing sessions. One of her current projects under Lion-Parkson Foundation is to raise funds through Lion Parkson Run to be held on 30 September 2018 at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, for various charities including the National Cancer Society Malaysia.