Ms Sew Phaik Boon is the founder and chairwoman of Guangzhou FuMao Group in China. She received her MBA from Victoria University of Switzerland, School of Management. She is presently pursuing her PhD in Philosophy from Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou.

Phaik Boon founded FuMao Animal Hospital in Chinese Taipei in 1990 and expanded her presence to mainland China in 2001. Today, she and her team operate a chain of close to 100 animal hospitals in China and Kuala Lumpur. Her research team holds the rights of more than 20 patents in pet products, including the ‘Purebreds’, a premier pet health food product, meticulously formulated by expert veterinary nutritionists. Phaik Boon leads according to her core management philosophy of “Integrity, Customer, Execution, Innovation‘’. She manages FuMao with heart and enthusiasm, committed to improving the welfare of pets and highlighting their interests to the public. Since inception, she has groomed professional teams, equipping them with advanced skills, management and service systems. Under her leadership, the FuMao Group has made expeditious progress and achieved new milestones. It strives to stay at the forefront of the global pet-care industry and plans to list at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange within the next two years.

Driven by the principle of serving society, Phaik Boon leads her company to serve in many different ways. In order to help increase awareness to adopt, protect and control the population of stray animals, free pet clinics, seminars and workshops on the health and well-being of pets are conducted regularly to educate pet owners and promote the positive influences of pets to children, families and society. In addition, the group provides practical assistance to families in the poverty-stricken mountainous areas of Guangxi, extending aids in education and counselling for the children. Phaik Boon has pledged her support to these children up to tertiary level, in the hope that they too will contribute to society in return.

My success today is greatly influenced by the 4 profound principles of PCGS’s motto “Decorum, Honesty, Diligence, Simplicity “. I am deeply grateful to my teacher, Madam Ooi Kim Choo, whose guidance inspired me to be an entrepreneur. My experience in life so far proves that academic excellence does not determine one’s success. It is the sound integrity and courage to pursue our dreams that lead us to success and to fully realise life’s true values.