Ms Ooi Huey Tyng is currently the Regional Managing Director of GrabPay. She obtained her Master of Science in Finance from Purdue University and she is a Certified Public Accountant in Singapore and the United Kingdom.

Huey Tyng began her career as a financial analyst aspiring to be a CFO, but she eventually took the leap to blaze a trail in the financial industry. She has worked at Visa, DBS Bank, UOB, General Motors, and Citi Bank in various leadership roles prior to joining GrabPay. A visionary strategist, Huey Tyng is instrumental in moving Singapore forward to a digital economy and to becoming a cashless society. She is a nominated subcommittee member of the Committee of the Future Economy, a committee that Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong set up in October 2015 to develop economic strategies to position Singapore as a smart nation. She also plays a pivotal role in moving South East Asia to greater financial inclusion through driving various creative initiatives such as forging strategic partnerships and alliances, acquisitions and new market expansions in her capacity as a senior executive in the financial industry.

Huey Tyng has never shied away from challenges. Twice, she moved from successful careers in well-established companies to join start-up companies. Stepping out of her comfort zone, she has thrived and forged a path for fellow women leaders in the start-up space. In addition to managing her career, she is a highly sought-after speaker at regional summits, inspiring business leaders, championing women in leadership and diversity inclusion, serving as a role model for women in the financial technology industry.

I firmly believe that the early education received from PCGS has helped shape my character and made me who I am today. The opportunity to take part in leadership roles and extracurricular activities helped prepare me in overcoming many challenges and adversities in my adult life. I recall the gruelling training that I had to go through when I participated in the first aid and state marching competitions, in addition to the pressure of excelling in school. It required tremendous discipline and ability to manage stress. The grit and resilience that I developed earlier in life turned out to be the magical attributes that gave me the strength to bounce back after every set back in life. This, I believe has led to the success in my career.