Ms Lam Kam Yook is the founder and owner of Sun Fung Food Products in UK. She retired from the industry but still plays an active role in guiding the growth of the company, which her children now run.

Kam Yook’s career growth varied from tutoring children in English and Mathematics, graduating in Business Studies from Singapore, working as secretary in a textile industry in Bangkok, to managing a small company after gaining experience in textile exports, sales, relationship management and textile quality control. In 1977 she left her job in Bangkok to get married and settled down in London. Kam Yook and her husband then founded Sun Fung Food Products in 1985, which today produces 20 million mochi ice-cream a year for the European market. Kam Yook is especially proud that she and her husband grew their business through self-finance, without involvement of investors, which meant they did not need to pander to short-term investors looking for quick profit, but instead focused on the areas that needed growth. In 1985, her first sale of 8 packets of peanut dainties was £8.50. In 2018, the turnover of Sun Fung Foods was £2.3 million. Her other brand Little Moons grew from £50,000 in 2010 to £7.2 million in 2019. Today, Little Moons markets across Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

Besides building a business that provides jobs in London, Kam Yook’s company has successfully introduced authentic Malaysian food across Europe, the Middle East and Australia. As a visionary leader, her passion in supporting women in the workplace has led to her company’s gender ratio at 56% women and 44% men with working mothers as senior leaders who work flexible hours to care for their young children.

I remember that PCGS taught us to be hard working, humble, confident and the importance of perseverance. Being a school athlete gave me confidence to go out and sell and fostered in me an extremely competitive nature, which gave me the fire to achieve in business. Learning English at school also helped me integrate well in the UK. The greatest lesson I learned is that a woman is equal to man. This is a value that I have embraced my entire life and passed on to my daughter.