Ms Jess Teong Siew Sim is an award-winning singer, screenplay writer, movie director and filmmaker. She started her journey to fame as a singer and went on to act in television series and movies before venturing into movie production.

Jess made her directorial debut on her own screenplay, “The Kid from the Big Apple” in 2016, followed by her movie sequel, “The Kid from the Big Apple 2: Before We Forget” in 2017. The film series gained critical acclaim and garnered an impressive list of nominations and accolades at major film festivals both locally and internationally. Jess clinched the title of Malaysia’s highest-grossing women director (1995-2018), won the Outstanding Filmmaker Award 2016 by the Chinese Film Association of Malaysia and the Great Women of Our Time Award in Arts & Media Categories by Women‘s Weekly. Her masterpiece, “The Kid from the Big Apple”, bagged the Best Screenplay Award at the 7th Macao International Movie Festival and the 1st Profima International Film Festival & Awards. It also won the Special Jury Award at the 28th Malaysia Film Festival. Her latest screenplay “Love is in the Hair” was shortlisted in the 55th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival – Golden Horse Film Project Promotion in 2018, thus further solidifying her status in the industry internationally.

Through her films, Jess brought positive social impact by conveying family values to her audiences and preserving the Chinese culture. Despite her demanding schedule, Jess is actively involved in giving talks at educational institutions to share her life experiences and imparting her knowledge with those who aspire to venture into the film making industry. She is hopeful that through her selfless sharing, she is able to help preserve the culture of Malaysian Chinese films and motivate others to pursue their dreams courageously. A highly sought-after speaker at women’s seminars, Jess shares and exchanges her life experiences with other women in the hope of influencing and encouraging more women to be more independent and live life to the fullest!

I am profoundly grateful for the valuable foundation inculcated in me during my PCGS days, which prepared and equipped me well to face and overcome the many challenges in life. PCGS is my ‘home’, which sheltered me in my growing up years and it is also my “root”. Wherever I go, the thought of PCGS always fills me with an immense sense of belonging.