Ms Ho Chee Lean, a retired Secondary School Principal, had served 37 years with the Ministry of Education as a teacher, Senior Subject Head for Geography (16 years), Department head for Humanities (6 years), School Principal (15 years) before retirement in 2018. Chee Lean was appointed as Selangor State Teacher Council Exco member (11 years). Chee Lean obtained BA honour from University Malaya in 1980 and completed a Diploma in Education in 1981.

Chee Lean’s vision and leadership had inspired the schools she served to excel in their respective fields by winning numerous championships at state, national and international levels. Chee Lean received numerous awards during her years of service, which include the Ministry of Education Excellent Service Award (1993, 2009 and 2018), Innovative Teacher Award (3 times) for her creativity, National Champion for the School Resource Centre Competition – Town School Category (2000), and Pingat Jasa Kebaktian awarded by HRH Sultan of Selangor for her exemplary public service. These awards were given as recognition of Chee Lean’s dedication, strong commitment and passion as an educator who believes that “No one should be left behind”. This belief helped her in turning around SMK Seri Garing, a high school in Rawang, once named as “the notorious School of Terror” where she served for 15 years.

Chee Lean believes that the local community plays an important role in education and hence she worked actively with the Parents-Teachers Association, reached out to local politicians, corporate leaders of local industries, factories, corporations, NGOs, who supported the school activities by contributing in cash or in kind. Chee Lean was highly regarded by her peers as a great leader and well respected by members of the Gombak Headmasters Councils and Selangor Headmasters Council. Her immediate boss, the Gombak Education Officer, Tuan Haji Sajoli Bin Masdor once said that Chee Lean set a very high standard for quality and excellence as a headmistress.

I believe that the education I received from PCGS helped in shaping my character and contributed to my career as an educator. Abiding PCGS’s 12 school motto has a huge impact in all my undertakings in managing and leading big organizations such as SMK Seri Garing, a school of adversities and diversities.