Ms Gee Ai Chu is the Managing Director of Rentokil Initial Philippines. Due to family circumstances, Ai Chu had to forgo her studies and entered the workforce directly after secondary school.

Ai Chu’s career achievements in helping Rentokil Initial Philippines since 2009 are impressive. Not only has she turned around the loss making company to a profitable business today but also showed superb leadership in achieving the Best Employer Brand Awards 2019 (14th Employer Branding Awards); Best Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Performance Award throughout Rentokil Initial around the globe in 2018 and 2015; Korn Ferry Employee Engagement Awards in 2018 as one of the top three most engaging places to work in Philippines; Best Engagement Award around the globe among Rentokil Initial Countries in 2012; Asia’s Best Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) across Asia in 2012 and Asia’s Most Improved Safety, Health and Environment across Asia in 2010.

Ai Chu is a strong advocate for Corporate Social Responsibility. She successfully leads yearly Anti Dengue Campaign for communities in Manggahan Extension, Sapang Bato in Quezon City and schools in Ortigas Pasig and Manila. She also champions school programs in raising hygiene standards for schools and youths, with more than 7000 students supported since 2017. Her passion in social responsibility is not only limited to communities but also to her team of 300 colleagues, whom she treats as part of her extended family with loving kindness and is their pillar of strength in times of need. She instils in them the values of Integrity, Gratitude and Perseverance, often sharing with them the principle of “stealing one peso is still stealing and diminishes one’s integrity”. She prioritises staff training and development, invests firmly in talent development programmes and advocates clear career paths for her team. As a member of various Chambers and Associations, she has contributed and shared her insights in many trainings and talks to diverse groups of audience.

A proud alumna of PCGS, I have always had fond memories of my school days. My mother’s hard work in ensuring I was sent to the best school in Penang will always be an inspiration in pushing me to accomplish great things and persevere against adversity. The teachers in PCGS together with my mother have always believed and seen the exceptional leader in me. Because of their beliefs, I have proven that anyone who is determined and instilled with good values and great principles will emerge victorious.