Ms Ch’ng Choo Wye (Mrs Jane Ho), is a Director of MNC Design Sdn Bhd, a leading Malaysian interior design firm. She obtained Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from Ulster University, Belfast, UK.

Jane is a pioneer Malaysian Interior Designer who introduced unique Malaysian interior design (ID) work to the international arena. She was the past President of Malaysia Society of Interior Designers (MSID), member of the International Federation of Interior Designers (IFI), and Asia Pacific Space Design Association (APSDA). She was instrumental in the inclusion of professional ID services for all public spaces in buildings as an industry norm. Her visionary efforts transformed a fledgling ID industry in the 1970s to a legislated professional body (MSID), with the eventual formation of Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID). In 2009, Jane was honoured Fellow of Interior Design, bestowed a Lifetime Achievement Award and won the prestigious MSID IDA Gold Award with her ID concept of ‘Pick n Brew Cafe’. Internationally, she aided in the admission of not only MSID as a member of IFI and APSDA but also assisted China’s two interior design associations, CIDA and CIID admission as full members of IFI.

Jane’s multidisciplinary creative design concepts were strongly inspired by Malaysian culture. Her Malaysian inspired ID creations include the traditional Malay Kite (Wau) ceiling design of the DBKL’s Panggong Negara and the Malay Songket central theme for the Multi-Purpose Hall in Yayasan Tun Razak Building, KL. She advocates the concept of ‘inclusive design’, encompassing green designs, aging society needs and sustainable lifestyles, which lead to good social designs. As the industry pioneer, Jane is a shining role model to many industry professionals. Her company provides industrial relevance, course expansion and internship programmes to students in fostering the future generation of ID professionals. Through her vast international network and multifaceted role as a mentor, lecturer, assessor and judge, Jane showcases Malaysia’s ID industry to the world. She is also an active fundraiser for numerous charitable causes both nationally and internationally.

It was in PCGS that my art teacher cum artist, the late Mr Tan Chun Ghee, mentored and inspired me to pursue applied art and design. My interest in performing arts, fluency in Chinese language and good understanding of the Chinese culture acquired during my PCGS days, enabled me to establish close network links with the interior designer community in China and other international fraternities of interior designers.