Ms Chan Lu Yi is a former national Wushu athlete, and a World Wushu Champion. She is currently in her third year pursuing a medical degree in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Lu Yi started practising Wushu as a hobby, at the tender age of 7. At age 15, she won the national title. She represented Malaysia in the World Combat Games, World Championships, World Wushu Taolu Cup, SEA Games and Youth Olympics. Her notable achievements include two Golds and one Silver medal in the 3rd World Taijiquan Championships in Burgas 2018 and a gold medal in the 2015 World Wushu Championships in Jakarta, Indonesia. Though coined as a natural talent by her coaches, success did not come easy for her. She strived to do well academically amidst her grueling training schedule and participating in international Wushu competitions. In 2017, she suffered an ankle injury. Instead of giving up, she persisted and performed through her injury to make a strong comeback, earning herself a fourth placing in the 29th Summer Universiade, Taipei and clinched the gold medal in the 3rd World Taijiquan Championships in Burgas 2018.

As a former Malaysian national Wushu athlete, Lu Yi believes that what defined her career are not just her accomplishments in the tournaments, but also her impact on the community. She shared her passion in Wushu with many, introduced and popularized the sport to the local community and teaches Wushu to school children during her spare time. She demonstrated that one can strike a balance between schoolwork and sport, achieving great heights in both. She is an inspiration and role model to her fellow teammates. Her stellar performance at both SUKMA and SEA Games helped elevate Malaysia’s reputation in the sport of Wushu in the region. Her success at the world championships won Malaysia a seat in the world Wushu arena. It was her remarkable success in Wushu that helped the sport gain recognition and emphasis by the National Sports Council of Malaysia.

Looking back, my short 3-year stint at PCGS provided me with a strong foundation in my studies and cultivated in me a positive attitude and the right perspective when faced with adversity. The school emphasizes not only academic success but also extracurricular activities, which helped me develop into a well-rounded individual. I am appreciative of what PCGS has taught me and am thankful for my schooling in PCGS.