Annie Eng Chai Yong is the founder and owner of HP Ingredients Corporation (HPI), a manufacturer and supplier of patented nutraceutical herbal products. She is an accounting and finance graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison USA.

Annie founded HPI in 2001 and rapidly stamped its reputation as the pioneer in the global natural health industry, delivering unique ingredients backed by rigorous scientific research. HPI collaborates with researchers, growers and the indigenous population. Annie introduced Tongkat Ali from Malaysia, Maqui Berry from Chile and Bergamot from Italy as nutraceutical products to North America and globally. Under Annie’s leadership, HPI made USD10 million revenue in 2018. HPI was awarded three patents for its products over the years, with 2 more patents pending. She formed InnoBioscience LLC a BioPharmaceutical clinical stage company that conducts human clinical research in Andrographolides for auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and neuro-cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s. She also introduced kesum, a Malaysian spice as a cognitive supplement to the world. All this was achieved amid personal upheaval with financial consequences. Despite the challenges, Annie persevered, reclaimed HPI, and turned it around to profitability.

Annie is committed to the wellbeing of the indigenous people and the sustainability of the raw ingredients used in the herbal products of HPI by working with the local governments and the local communities. In Malaysia, only the Orang Asli communities are licensed to harvest Tongkat Ali from the rainforests. Likewise, only the Mapuches in Chile collect maqui berries for HPI. Processing facilities are set up within the indigenous communities to create a mutually beneficial eco-system. Sustainable harvesting is practised by ensuring pruning techniques are used during harvesting and to constantly plant more seedlings than what is harvested. Fair trade is practised to prevent exploitation of the indigenous people. HPI also donated computers that are equipped with Mapudungun language to the Mapuche’s schools in Chile.

PCGS is the best Chinese school in the state of Penang. Diligence is the key to success. I had to work hard to remain in the A class of PCGS. The competitiveness of my schoolmates prepared me to excel in the business world dominated by men. The “I Can Do Anything” attitude of my fellow students has prepared me well. For that I am grateful to my alma mater.