As we approach the centennial celebration of Penang Chinese Girls’ School, we trust that this commemorative celebration will bring back some of our fondest memories of our beloved school and rekindle the pride, passion and tradition that we feel for our alma mater.

We hope that these rekindled ties will inspire more alumni to contribute back to the continuous and sustainable growth of our alma mater, which has once provided us with the important foundation for our great success today. As we look back at our 100 years journey, marvelling at the achievements of tens of thousands alumni who had step foot on our school yards, it is time for us to recognize alumni like you all over the world, who are successful and well accomplished in your respective fields. Your success stories have garnered great acclaim for our school all over Malaysia as well as overseas.

In celebration of the centennial anniversary of our school in 2020, we are honoured and excited to launch the inaugural Alumni Hall of Fame award. Through this prestigious award, we aim to recognize the outstanding achievements of our elite alumni worldwide. It is our hope that through this Alumni Hall of Fame award, current and future batch of graduates will be inspired to emulate the success of their accomplished seniors to achieve greater success in life. These success stories will in turn help to promote to the world, the top-notch educational values and culture that are unique to Penang Chinese Girls’ School, and ultimately making this honourable institution a respectable and flourishing establishment of great contribution to the country for many years to come!

With this in mind, we urge our accomplished alumni to submit your nomination for this Hall of Fame award here:

To refer our fellow alumni, please go here: