Dr Lean Hooi Hooi is a Professor of Economics at the School of Social Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). She holds a Bachelor honours degree in Economics from University of Malaya; Master of Science (Statistics) from USM; and PhD (Economics) from National University of Singapore (NUS). She is also a visiting scholar at many world-renowned universities.

Hooi Hooi is a highly accomplished researcher and author of many scholarly literature works. Her works have been published in many reputed international journals and publications. Her outstanding works have garnered an impressive list of awards and honours, among them are: Top Research Scientists Malaysia by The Academy of Sciences Malaysia (2018), The Malaysia’s Research Star Award (2017) and winner of The National Academic Award (2015). She has been listed in the Who’s Who in the World publication since 2009 and granted the prestigious title of “Researcher of the Week” in GDNet East Asia in 2012.

Hooi Hooi’s research activities largely focus on empirical studies in financial and energy economics for the Asia-Pacific region. Employing advance econometrics methodologies, her research is instrumental in shaping the direction of policy makers and stakeholders in making decisions towards improvement of the economy, sustainable wealth creation, preservation and improvement of the environment. Ranked among the top 1% of authors under the category of global female economists by RePEc (an international database of economic researchers), Hooi Hooi is undoubtedly a shining role model for women and every aspiring Malaysian scholar in a traditionally male-dominated field. She is a highly sought-after speaker at many major international conferences, private entities and educational institutions. She serves on the editorial board of numerous reputed economic journals and provides consultancy works to both government and private sectors. Besides work, she also volunteers in local community work, as well as religious organisations.

My education received from PCGS not only prepared me well for my career achievements today but also instilled in me humility, humanity and love for society, fellow human beings and the environment. Being educated in one of the best girls’ schools in the country with a highly competitive yet inspiring learning environment, trained me to be self-disciplined and hardworking. The school’s motto “Decorum, Honesty, Diligence, Simplicity” has deeply influenced and inspired me. These four virtues have become my life principles and guiding light. I am indeed very proud and highly honoured to be an alumna of PCGS.