Dr Khor Niny, an Economist, is currently the Senior Advisor to the President of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) headquartered in Manila, Philippines. She obtained BA with honours from Mount Holyoke College in Computer Science and Economics and completed MA and PhD in Economics from Stanford University.

Niny received numerous awards, including the Outstanding Author Contribution Award from Research in Labor Economics (Emerald Literati Network) for her articles on income equality and income mobility in the USA and China; she was the recipient of multiple awards for her contribution in knowledge management and innovative project processing and a gender award from ADB. While serving in ADB, her pilot surveys and research on SME financing resulted in one of the three papers that ADB prepared as a support to APEC in 2010. In 2017, she was selected as an Adjunct Research Fellow of the ADB Institute. In China, her work has contributed to ADB’s inputs to the Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China and its Five-Year Plans. Her research work was also incorporated into the strategic national plans for countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Nepal.

As an economist in ADB, Niny has helped governments in Asia Pacific in crafting key national policies by providing technical inputs and data analysis. Besides work, Niny has been actively involved in volunteering work, raising funds to help the needy including refugees in Sudan, communities impacted by the typhoon in Philippines, just to name a few.

My years in PCGS instilled in me the importance of perseverance and the potential of personal action in contributing towards a collective goal. Experience in a girls’ school and in the women’s only Mount Holyoke College also led to my advocacy on gender issues in society and the workplace. I am a strong supporter of girls’ and women’s education, and actively contribute towards ADB’s vision of a more gender-equal Asia and Pacific free from poverty.