Dato’ Gillian Teh is an astute and visionary entrepreneur. She is the Executive Director of TYK Capital Sdn Bhd and a director of the Engtek Group, playing an instrumental role in assisting the Executive Chairman cum Chief Executive Director in decision-making and daily business operations.

Being the eldest in the family, Gillian had to give up pursuing further education after completing her secondary school to assist her father, the late Dato’ Teh Ah Ba in the establishment of Eng and Hardware Electrical (now known as Engtek Group) with a start-up capital of RM500 in 1974. The Engtek Group, a listed company in Bursa Malaysia since 1993, has evolved into a global manufacturing powerhouse of CNC precision machining and aluminium die casting components for both the disk drive and industrial product industries. The group comprising 7 companies spanning across the Asia Pacific region, serving the global market, then took Privatization on 2012. Gillian was also a founding member of Teh Ah Ba Holdings Sdn Bhd (the Teh family’s investment company) and has served as Founder Director in Ivory Group and as Chairman of Emerald Capital Group.

Despite her status as a successful businesswoman, Gillian never forgets the less fortunate. She involves herself in various associations, schools and charity organisations, contributing towards the betterment of the Malaysian community at large. With China emerging as an economic super power, she foresees the growing need for Chinese literacy. She is committed to improving the quality and increasing availability of education in SJK schools. She serves as Chairman or Committee Member on the Board of Governors of several SJK schools. Gillian also chairs Asia Community Service (since 2001), a non-profit organisation providing services to children with developmental delays and young adults with intellectual disabilities; empowering people with special needs and their families towards a more meaningful and fulfilling life in society.

The early education received from PCGS has moulded, disciplined and shaped my life in many ways. Being a model student entrusted with responsibilities as a school prefect sharpened my character in building up accountability, integrity, and self-confidence. My way of life is guided by the school’s motto “Decorum, Honesty, Diligence, Simplicity”. I do my very best to adopt and abide by these four principles as my personal conduct in business dealings and interactions with various layers of society.