A Privileged Encounter

We were once young and innocent, elated by the admission into the dream school of many aspiring young minds. Filled with apprehension and immense sense of pride, we embarked on a truly amazing journey with this elite educational institution which has stood the test of time with its stringent admission criteria and high calibre of students. We were humbled and honoured to be the privileged ones!

The present PCGS is the brainchild of our visionary founders in the early 20th century. During that period, due to conservative mind-set of the community as a whole and other political factors, the idea of running a Chinese vernacular school was viewed as bizarre and farfetched, not to mention the establishment of a female school. Faced with the increasing number of Chinese immigrants with no Chinese school to educate their children, our visionary founders pushed the boundaries of what were deemed impossible back then, overcame all odds and founded the Fujian Girls’ School. This marked the initial form of PCGS.

The initial plan then was to set up a female school as our visionary founders realised the importance of ensuring gender equality through provision of quality educational opportunity for women. However, over the years, in line with the mission of the Chinese community to develop and preserve the Chinese language education, the school has developed and expanded into a full-fledged institution which includes Penang Chinese Kindergarten (Coeducational), Penang Chinese Girls’ Primary School (Coeducational), Penang Chinese Girls’ High School and Penang Chinese Girls’ Private High School (Non-Coeducational), collectively referred to and commonly known as “Peng Hwa” by the local community.

Education, My Key To Freedom

Back in that era when conservatism was prevalent, where women were under men’s authority and their roles were confined to home, education was widely regarded as unnecessary for women. Fortunately for all of us, our forward-looking founders had the wisdom and persistence to push through their vision, which led to the formation of a unique and distinguished PCGS that we are seeing today.

A century later, the PCGS has nurtured and groomed multitude of talents in various fields. Penang Chinese Girls’ High School and Penang Chinese Girls’ Private High School especially, have cultivated countless outstanding women whose contributions and achievements are on par with many of their male counterparts.

Many alumni are also prominent leaders in the fields of business, education, medicine, literature, arts, sports, entertainment, politics among others. They hold important positions in their respective fields and play major roles in serving the society.

It was through education that we have found the key to unlock the golden door of freedom in pursuing our dreams.